Our products & services

At present, our research pipeline consists of three products at a different stage of the development:

  • T- CORE – software for correct determination of melting temperatures of biomacromolecules measured employing optical spectroscopy techniques (Link, Read me TCORE, Application note)
  • CALRATE – software for the precise analysis of irreversible thermal denaturation of biomacromolecules studied by micro-DSC (beta version)
  • AGGDET – electrophoretic instrument for the detection of molecular aggregates in small volume protein solutions (proof of concept)


Also, we can offer the following contract services:

  • Data analysis from the thermodynamics studies of biomacromolecules
  • Consulting for conceptual development of the instruments for optical spectroscopy

Calorimetric (DSC, ITC) and kinetics (stopped-flow) measurements of biological samples